Friday, October 18, 2013

jam shortbread 70

The kids needed some baked goodness for their lunchboxes and this was the one. They were also upset that there had been no strawberry jam in the house for a few weeks, so these HAD to be made with strawberry jam. 

After work I thought I'd pop these in the oven. It had been a full on day and I felt like some quiet, so I creamed the butter and sugar by hand.

Into the fridge to set and I fell into the usual evening routine. The next morning I rolled out the dough and into the oven the tray went. I really love cooking things early in the morning. It feels like I've fed my soul before anyone else gets up. 

After these had cooled I cut them out into little hearts and sent them off to to school. They taste wonderful, all buttery and jammy and homely. 

I'll make another batch soon and send of to my girl at boarding school. A little bit of home when she's away. 



  1. I love this recipe!!! Your little heart shaped versions are simply gorgeous!!! :)

    p.s. I've made a huge batch of strawberry jam if you'd like me to pop a jar in your mailbox tomorrow while I'm in town... xx


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